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Multi-million dollar program spurs partnership

November 11, 2016
The partnership between electric cooperatives and the non-profit Homeworks of America provides safer, more comfortable and energy efficient homes.

One-two punch from hurricane, floods inflict unmatched damage

October 13, 2016 
The “slow grind” of repairing hundreds, often thousands, of individual damages to power supply points challenged several electric cooperatives Thursday, as they worked to restore electricity to the remaining 30,000 powerless electric cooperative consumers.

Special equipment takes linemen to the damage

October 11, 2016
‘Off road’ takes on new meaning as rural power restoration continues.

Assessments reveal extensive damage

October 9, 2016
Electric cooperatives in South Carolina are completing damage assessments Sunday. At 2 p.m., there are more than 263,000 electric co-op outages affecting more than 35 percent of their power delivery systems. At its peak, the storm had caused more than 300,000 electric cooperative outages Saturday evening.

Five lifesaving tips for staying safe around power lines

October 8, 2016
A downed power line may not be a dead line, and it could cause serious injury or death.

First steps for electric cooperatives: damage assessments

October 8, 2016
Power restoration starts with damage assessments after the storm passes, but storm damage can be a significant challenge to accomplishing those assessments. That’s one message that becomes clear as operations managers from electric cooperatives across South Carolina met by conference call this morning.

Crews heading to S.C. to help restore power

October 7, 2016
Power crews from Tennessee, Virginia and Kentucky are on their way to South Carolina to help with power restoration following Hurricane Matthew.


S.C. electric co-ops prepare for Hurricane Matthew

October 5, 2016
The electric cooperatives in South Carolina are preparing out-of-state crews to travel to the Palmetto State if Hurricane Matthew causes widespread power outages.

Electric cooperative outage map

Get the latest real-time information on outages from South Carolina's electric cooperatives.

Electric co-ops prepare for Hermine

September 1, 2016
South Carolina's electric cooperatives prepare in advance of tropical system Hermine.


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