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11 Tips for Staying Warm


  1. Insulate, using materials with a high efficiency rating number.
  2. Install storm windows and doors or less-expensive vinyl window kits. Remove or cover window air conditioning units for the winter.
  3. Drafts can occur wherever two different building materials or parts of a building meet. Use weather-stripping or caulk to block cold air, especially around windows, doors and attic access doors. Insulate the back side of the attic door.
  4. Washing, cooking and bathing all add heat and humidity to the air on colder days. Open the blinds and shades to let the sun in.
  5. Showers use less hot water,on average, than baths.
  6. Set the thermostat at the lowest setting at which you are comfortable. Each degree above 68 degrees adds about five percent to your heating bill. Don’t set the thermostat higher at first, thinking it will heat your home faster. It won’t!
  7. Make sure the thermostat is not affected by a cold draft.
  8. Lower the thermostat if you’re going to be away for more than eight hours.
  9. In rooms with high ceilings, reverse the circulation direction of ceiling fans in order to push down warmer air.
  10. Keep the fireplace damper closed when it’s not used. Glass fireplace doors also greatly reduce heat loss.
  11. Keep furnaces and heat pumps in good condition. Change filters regularly.
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