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3 Tips For Outside The House


  1. Sodium vapor lights are a good option for outdoor use. They consume less energy for the same light output as incandescent bulbs and they last longer.
  2. Landscaping also can make a difference. A line of fast-growing trees, like poplars, or tall shrubs can serve as a windbreak. Planting evergreen trees on the north side and deciduous trees on the south side of a home can block winter winds and summer sun. Shrubs along the house can help, too, but don’t let them interfere with heat pumps or air conditioners.
  3. Make sure shrubs and weeds don’t interfere with outside heat pump or furnace units, which should be hosed down periodically to remove leaves, grass clippings, dust and dirt. Be aware that fire ants can damage outside heat pumps and air-conditioning units.


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