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Sen. Tim Scott, Rep. Nancy Mace address local high school students

Sen. Tim Scott speaks with VYE students from Washington, D.C.

Rep. Nancy Mace talks with VYE students from Washington, D.C.

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Senator Tim Scott, S.C.-R, and Representative Nancy Mace, S.C.-R, spent time with students from across South Carolina as part of the Virtual Youth Experience on Thursday.

Scott addressed government’s role in ensuring every American has equal access to opportunity.

“There are a lot of hurdles that we all face as Americans,” said Scott. “For each of us, there is at least one challenge that we face that is unusual—whether it be geographic location, gender-based discrimination, poverty or any number of other issues. I think the best way to address these issues, at least in the public forum, is to focus on education. A good education is the closest thing to magic in America that I’ve ever seen.”

Mace spoke about division within American politics and the role social media plays in fostering this dynamic.

“I think social media is really bad,” said Mace. “If you’re on the left, they give you more left-leaning content, and if you’re on the right, they’re giving you more right-leaning content. Social media companies are really propagating the problem of division within our country.”

You can view highlights from the Virtual Youth Experience here:

A total of 74 students—all rising high school juniors or seniors—are participating in the Virtual Youth Experience. These students represent 17 electric cooperatives across South Carolina

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