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Volunteering Criteria and Definitions

We welcome all volunteers who are willing to donate their time to assist with various duties, ranging from Event Greeters, Event Auditors, and Event Scorekeepers to monitoring kids’ activities, performing clean up duties etc…  Definitions for Greeters, Auditors, and Scorekeepers will be listed below.  Volunteers are an asset to this event and without your help, this event could not be possible.  Please consider being a volunteer for the South Carolina Lineman’s Rodeo and show your support for this event.  Volunteers for this event do not have to be employed by a cooperative, nor do they have to have any electrical lineman training.  Volunteers will also need to attend the Volunteer Meeting on March 20, 2020 (Time and Location TBD) on the Friday before the rodeo.

Volunteering Criteria

  1. Electrical Lineman Training NOT needed
  2. Employed by Cooperative NOT required
  3. Attend the Volunteer Meeting
  4. Wear Long Pants
  5. Wear Closed Toe shoes/boots 
  6. Wear Provided Shirt
  7. Wearing hardhats are not required, but recommended to have on site, in case you must enter the event area
  8. Wet weather gear is not required but recommended in the event of rain.

Volunteers will receive a complimentary gift bag with a ticket for a free lunch on the day of the rodeo.  We need and welcome Volunteers, so please consider getting involved and becoming a part of the SCLR.

Thank you for Your Support!
Volunteering Definitions

Event Greeter:
Event Greeters will greet each team/apprentice at the event entrance line.  Make sure each team member or apprentice is wearing the appropriate wristband.  Communicate any special instructions for the event (script will be provided).  Answer any questions you can. If you cannot answer a question, please consult with the Chief Judge for that event to get an answer.  When a team or apprentice has been checked in, continue checking in the waiting participants.

Event Auditor:
Check team or apprentice in, verifying their wristband number against the roster.  Log them into the event by making a check next to their number and record the time next to their number.  Assign them to the first available Judge to participate in the event.

Event Scorekeeper:
Check team or apprentice out by making a check and recording the time next to their number on the roster.  Collect the score sheets from the Chief Judge after they have checked and signed the scoresheet.  Give the “pink copy” to the team or apprentice, put the “white copy” in the scoring box, and keep the “yellow copies” at the exit table in numerical order.  Give the yellow copies to the Chief Judge at the conclusion of the event.

All other duties will be defined at the volunteer meeting!

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