Journeyman Team Event:  Written Test

Chief Judge:  Peggy Dantzler

Drop Dead Time: 15:00

Event Summary:

This event is a written test compiled of 25 true/false and multiple-choice safety knowledge questions. Questions will be selected from The Electric Cooperatives of SC Safety Manual.  All journeyman team members are required to take the written test.  Each journeyman team member will begin the test with 100 points and each missed question will deduct one point. 

Event Rules:

  1. Time will start at the judge’s signal.
  2. All journeyman teams will take the test at the same time.
  3. Any incomplete questions will be counted as incorrect.
  4. Any answer sheets with more than one block darkened will count as an incorrect answer.
  5. The cumulative average of all 3 scores will be the team’s final score.
  6. The cumulative average of all 3-team members’ time will be used as a tiebreaker.
  7. Time stops when the journeyman team member signals they are complete with the test.

Study References:  
The Electric Cooperatives of SC Safety Manual 2020 Edition