Apprentice Event – Equipotential Zone Grounding Chief Judge: Shane Newman

Drop Dead Time: 8:00 

Event Summary: This is a simulated de-energized event with an established visible open point. The apprentice will climb an A-1 and properly set up an Equipotential Grounding Zone. There will be a stick bag hanging on the pole that holds the shotgun stick. The grounding bracket must be set up in the marked designated area on the pole. Once the zone is set up, the apprentice will have to lower the live-line tool, touch the top of the tool, yell “Grounded”, and then properly remove the Equipotential Grounding Zone.

Provided Equipment: Handline, grunt bag, personal protective grounds, grounding bracket, and shotgun stick.

Event Rules:

  1. The apprentice will have 5 minutes to set up and all tools must be kept off the ground utilizing the supplied tarp in the designated work area.
  2. The equipotential grounding zone shall be set up properly.
  3. A simulated nominal voltage test shall be performed.
  4. All points of connection shall be simulated brushed.
  5. Time will start on the judge’s signal.
  6. Time will stop when the grunt bag has been lowered to the ground and the live-line tool has been returned to its original position.
  7. Judging will continue until the event site has been restored to the original condition.
  8. All general rules apply.
Equipotential Zone Grounding