SC Lineman's Rodeo

A person is considered an apprentice and can compete in the Apprentice Division if he or she has less than 5 years overall line work experience.  Line work experience includes, but is not limited to, performing electrical linework for a contract utility, IOU, municipality, Public Power Authority, etc. Less than 5 years overall line work experience is defined as not having more than 4 years - 364 days of line work experience on the day of the rodeo.  Once an individual reaches 5 years of line work experience on the day of the rodeo, he or she is no longer eligible to compete in the Apprentice Division. 

Apprentice Division
Master Judge:  Jason Derrick (Mid-Carolina Electric Cooperative)
Equipotential Zone Grounding – Chief Judge:  Shane Newman (Black River Electric Cooperative)
Streetlight Replacement – Chief Judge:  Tim Watson (Aiken Electric Cooperative)
Written Test – Chief Judge:  Peggy Dantzler (The Electric Cooperatives of South Carolina)
Mystery Event – Chief Judge:  Sean Brown (Horry Electric Cooperative)

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