Chief Judge: Keith Dubose

Event Time:  4:00

Drop Dead Time: 5:00

Event Summary:

This is the Hurtman Rescue Event. This is a de-energized event that requires the climber to rescue the mannequin on a 40’ pole (C1.7N framing).  The mannequin will be positioned between the top and middle phase support brackets.

Event Rules:

  1. Each apprentice has 5 minutes of setup time. During this time each apprentice may direct any event related questions to the event judge.
  2. Time starts on the judge’s signal with the lineman standing at least an arm’s length from the pole.
  3. Each apprentice is required to carry and hang the handline.
  4. Rubber gloves are required from ground to ground.
  5. Friction must be used when lowering the mannequin.
  6. The mannequin must be tied under the arms with three half hitches.
  7. A 3” piece of conduit will be used to measure tightness of the knot.
  8. The Buckingham Bucksqueeze Rescue Belt 483M will be used on the mannequin and the climber will cut the orange 483A insert. A 10-point deduction will be assessed for cutting any part of the belt other than the orange insert.
  9. Time stops when the climber has both feet safely on the ground.
  10. One gaff must be in the pole at all times when descending the pole.
  11. Judging will continue until the event site is restored to the original condition.
  12. All SCLR general rules apply.
Hurtman Rescue