Apprentice Event – Streetlight Replacement

Chief Judge: Tim Watson

                                   Drop Dead Time: 8:00                                  

Event Summary: This is a de-energized event. The apprentice will replace a rental light on a 35' pole. Secondary connections will be disconnected and reconnected with split bolt connectors.

An eyebolt will be installed at the top of the pole for hanging the handline and grunt bag to assist with removal and installation of the light.

Provided equipment: Handline, grunt bag, and spare connectors.

Event Rules:

  1. Each apprentice will have 5 minutes to look over the event site, ask the event judge questions and load his grunt bag.
  2. The provided new light head and pre-cut leads shall be used.
  3. Time will start when the first gaff goes in the pole.
  4. The light shall be properly disconnected (hot lead first, neutral lead last) from the secondary feed, prior to removing the light head.
  5. The photo control shall be removed from the damaged head and re-installed in the new light head.
  6. The secondary shall be properly reconnected (neutral lead first, hot lead last) to the new light head.
  7. The time will stop when the light head has been changed, reconnected, and the climber has both feet safely on the ground.
  8. All general rules apply.


Streetlight Replacement