SC Lineman's Rodeo


Our goal at the South Carolina Lineman’s Rodeo (SCLR) is to be fair and consistent in judging all events.  If you are or ever were a qualified practicing working lineman, you are eligible to be a judge for the SCLR.  Should you volunteer to be a judge, it is mandatory to attend the judges meeting that will be held on Friday, March 15, 2024, at (location and time to be announced).  In this meeting, each event will be reviewed, and final instructions will be given so that our judging can be fair and consistent.

Please review the list of items below to see what is expected and needed to participate as a judge.

  1. Have experience in the electrical Lineman trade
  2. Attend the Judges meeting on Friday
  3. Assist in proctoring Apprentice Division Written Test
  4. Must attend the Competitor Q&A Session following the Apprentice Written Test
  5. Fair and Consistent Judging
  6. Wear Hard Hats
  7. Wear Long Pants
  8. Wear Safety Toe Shoes
  9. Wear Safety Glasses (Dark or Clear)
  10. Wear provided Judges Shirt
  11. Wet Weather Gear is not required but recommended in the event of rain.  

Judges will receive a complimentary gift bag with a ticket for a free lunch on the day of the rodeo.  We need and welcome Judges from all cooperatives, so please consider getting involved and representing your cooperative at the SCLR.

To become a volunteer, the following form must be completed with the permission of your supervisor. Please fill out all available fields below.