Journeyman Team Event – Pad-mount Transformer Changeout

Chief Judge: Phillip Chapman

Drop Dead Time: 15:00

Event Summary:

This is a 15 kV simulated energized event using 25 kV equipment.  Teams will have 5 minutes to set up and ask the event judges questions. Each team is required to change out a bad 25 KVA pad-mount transformer on a radial feed.  Both transformers will be trimmed out with all the necessary material and equipment. Each team will utilize a mini-excavator to remove and install the transformers.  Transformers not in use shall be placed in one of the designated areas. A lifting sling for transformers will be provided.

Event Rules:

  1. Time will start on the judge’s signal.
  2. Team members will start in designated area around the transformer to be changed out.
  3. Time will stop when the task has been complete, the transformer not in use is in one of the designated areas, the excavator is in its original position, and the team calls time in the designated area they began in. A 10-point deduction will be assessed if the transformer not in use or the excavator are not in the area specified.
  4. The URD primary cable shall be properly de-energized and grounded prior to removing the transformer from the pad.  Teams will be automatically disqualified and receive an event score of 0 for this infraction.
  5. Operators shall wear a seat belt during all excavator operations.  If not worn it will result in a 10-point deduction.
  6. Operators shall remain seated on the excavator while the excavator is running.  If not, it will result in a 10-point deduction.  Operators can leave the seated position once the excavator is parked, the boom and/or blade are lowered to the ground, and the engine is shut off.
  7. Competitors shall remain in the coned area with the tracks of the excavator.  A two-point deduction will be assessed for each displaced tennis ball.
  8. While working on/in URD primary cabinets, rubber gloves shall be worn Lock to Lock. A 10-point deduction will be assessed for EACH infraction.
  9. Rubber sleeves shall be worn while working within the minimum approach distance.  The MAD for this event is 2’ 2”. A 10-point deduction will be assessed for EACH infraction.    
  10. Gloves and sleeves shall be properly stored in bags when not in use. (to be considered properly stored, bags shall be snapped)
  11. All tools shall be on the provided tarp(s) when not in use.
  12. Extendo sticks shall be fully retracted when not in use.
  13. Judging will continue while the team restores the site to its original condition.