Chief Judge: Garett Felker


Event Time: 6:00

       Drop Dead Time: 8:00

Event Summary: This is a de-energized event; leather gloves may be used. Each apprentice will climb a 40’ A6.1 (A6) primary pole with 1/0 ACSR and change out the existing two dead-end insulators with the tools and materials provided. A groundman will not be available. During the set-up time each apprentice will prepare their hand line, grunt bag, and inspect the materials for installation.

Event Rules:

  1. Each apprentice has 5 minutes of set-up time. During this time each apprentice may direct event related questions to the event judge.
  2. Each apprentice is required to hang the handline and lift/lower all required materials via the handline and grunt bag.
  3. The wood pole fall restriction device can be adjusted to the pole & attached to the climber’s belt. The climber shall have both feet on the ground before time starts to begin the event.
  4. Time starts on the judge’s signal.
  5. Time stops when both insulators are changed out, all materials are lowered to the ground, and the apprentice has both feet safely on the ground.
  6. One gaff must be in the pole at all times when descending the pole.
  7. The apprentice will properly restore materials to their original condition for the next competitor.
  8. Safe work practices will be evaluated at all times.
  9. Judging will continue until the event site is restored to the original condition.
  10. All SCLR general rules apply.