SC Lineman's Rodeo

A Journeyman Team consists of three participants with the option of having an alternate participant.  All three linemen must be from the same utility.  Each team must designate two climbers and one groundman for each event.  The team has the option to decide who will be the climbers and who will be the groundman before the start of each event.  In other words, the groundman does not have to be the same person for every event.  An Apprentice may compete on a Journeyman Team.  If an Apprentice chooses to compete in the Journeyman Division, he/she may not also compete in the Apprentice Division.

Journeyman events coming soon.

To register for the Journeyman Team Division, the following must be completed by the team's supervisor. Please fill out all available fields below.

Entry deadline: February 24, 2023