Chief Judge: Chad Stone

Event Time:  8:00

Drop Dead Time: 14:00

Event Summary:

This is the Digger Derrick Obstacle Course Event. This is a team event, and all three members must participate. The team will be required to maneuver an object through an obstacle course and return it to the position in which it was found.

Event Rules:

  1. Each team has 5 minutes of setup time. During this time, each team may direct event related questions to the event judge.
  2. Team members must designate two operators and one spotter. The team member designated as the spotter is not allowed to use verbal communication, only hand signals.  The spotter is the only one allowed to direct the operator.
  3. Operator #1 can begin the event in the operator position.  Operator #2 shall stay in a designated circle until there turn to move the object through the course.  The spotter shall begin in their designated circle until time begins.
  4. Time will start on the judges’ signal.
  5. Operator #1 will move the load from the start area to the target area. Operator #2 will move the load from the target area to the start area.
  6. Time will stop as the operators switch positions.  Time will begin again on the judge’s signal.
  7. Time will completely stop when Operator #2 returns the object to its original position.
  8. Safe work practices will be evaluated at all times.
  9. Judging will continue until the event site is restored to the original condition.
  10. All SCLR general rules apply.