Chief Judge: Shannon Littleton

Event Time:  10:00

Drop Dead Time:  15:00

Event Summary:

This event is simulated de-energized and properly grounded.  Each team is required to replace two 8’ crossarms, braces, insulator pins, insulators, associated hardware, and preform ties on a B2.21 (B2) (1/0 ACSR).  All old material shall be replaced with the provided new material. 

Event Rules:

  1. Each team has 5 minutes of setup time.  During this time, each team may direct event related questions to the event judge.
  2. Time starts on the judge’s signal.
  3. Leather work gloves shall be worn at all times
  4. The new crossarms shall NOT be assembled during the 5-minute set-up period.
  5. Floating conductors is allowed.
  6. New pre-form ties and rubber saddles must be installed.  Old pre-form ties and old rubber saddles cannot be dropped.
  7. Each team is required to lift/lower all required materials via the handline and/or grunt bag.
  8. Time stops when the task is complete and the climbers have both feet safely on the ground.
  9. Judging will continue until the event site is restored to the original condition.
  10. All SCLR general rules apply.
Double Crossarm Changeout